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Image Expo: Gabriel Hardman Brings “KINSKI” To Print, Reveals “Invisible Republic” With Corinna Bechko

by David Henderson

“KINSKI” is one of those comics that is rarely talked about for no good reason. Written and drawn by Gabriel Hardman and published digitally by Monkeybrain, “KINSKI” delivers everything you could want from a noir detective comic, from the black and white artwork to the permeating feeling that the entire deck is stacked against you. It just so happens to be about a down on his luck salesman who just so happens to steal a dog. If “Southern Bastards” is a comic channeling the Coen Brothers of No Country For Old Men then “KINSKI” is the Coen Brothers at their mostBarton Fink-iest.

This is normally where I’d tell you to check it out over at comixology for only $0.99 an issue, but I’m not going to today for one very special reason: Image Comics are putting “KINSKI” to print. Yes, announced at today’s Image Expo, Image Comics will be releasing a trade paperback of the series in November.

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Image Expo: Keenan Marshall Keller, Tom Neely, and Kristina Collantes Go Bananas in “The Humans”

by James Johnston

In the 1960′s, DC Comics would allegedly boost its sales by putting monkeys on its comic covers. If that’s true, then Image just announced the top-selling comic of 2014.

Fresh from Image Expo: writer Keenan Marshall Keller, artist Tom Neely, and colorist Kristina Collantes are about to go apeshit with their new ongoing series, “The Humans”!

Seemingly throwing together the best bits of Planet of the Apes and The Warriors, “The Humans” follows a motorcycle gang of apes causing trouble, tearing tire, and raising hell in gang wars with their rivals, The Skabbs.

The prequel issue for this comic, “The Humans” #0 will actually be available at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con at the Image Booth where the creative team will be signing autographs. The issue will also come with “a mind-melting full color acid-banana freak-out pin-up by the future series colorist Kristina Collantes”, a phrase which just became my favorite SDCC exclusive collectible.

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Image Expo: James Harren and John Arcudi to “Rumble” in December

We are huge fans of the work of both John Arcudi (“The Creep”) and James Harren (“Conan the Barbarian”) – especially when the two work together on “B.P.R.D.” We no longer have to wait for the Harren-drawn arcs now to have these two working together, as Image announced a new ongoing, “Rumble,” from the pair starting in December.

Described as a “scarecrow Conan fighting in a Louis C.K. show directed by David Fincher,” the series looks absolutely insane in the best possible way. The promo image above is not just signed to Harren, but also to Jason Latour, who took to Twitter to say that he was “playing Scottie Pippen to James Harren,” so we can presume either inking or coloring the piece. Whether or not this hurts Harren’s chance at doing more “B.P.R.D.” remains to be seen, but let’s cross our fingers that he can somehow do both.

We will, of course, offer you more news and information on “Rumble” as it is released, but make sure to sock away 4 bucks or so a month to pick this up come December.

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Image Expo: Joe Casey And Paul Maybury Paint The Town Red With “Valhalla Mad”

by David Henderson

There are three things that vikings are perhaps most fondly remembered for: drinking, fighting and being turned into profitable movie franchises for Marvel Studios. Joe Casey and Paul Maybury are re-teaming to have a look at those first two in “Valhalla Mad”, a new series announced today at Image Expo.

“Valhalla Mad” is the story of three Norse gods, the Glorious Knox, Greghorn the Battlebjorn and Jhago the Irritator, as they descend upon the Midgardian city of Manhattan for what is colloquially know here as “a right ol’ piss up”. Drinking and merriment are sure to ensure when you let loose three vikings on the pubs and bars of Manhattan, right?


Image Expo: Churchland, Gibson and Leong Unveil Fantasy Series “From Under Mountains”

by David Harper

Announced at today’s Image Expo, “From Under Mountains” is an upcoming fantasy series from Marian Churchland, Claire Gibson and Sloane Leong that finds this trio of creators building a world a lifetime in the making for Churchland and Gibson, even as it exists as part of Brandon Graham’s “8HOUSE” shared universe.

“This project has particular personal significance, because I’ve known Claire since we were both in high school,” said Churchland in the Image press release. “We used to make fantasy comics together even way back then, and we had a project called The Hunt. Perhaps the less said about The Hunt the better, but it was enormous fun, and this feels like the respectable adult version of skipping math class to hide in the hallway and plot out the lives of our characters.”

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Image Expo: Rick Remender, Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth Tear Apart Los Angeles in “Tokyo Ghost”

by James Johnston

Fresh from Image Expo, it’s been announced that “Uncanny X-Force” and “Deadly Class” writer Rick Remender is teaming up with “Punk Rock Jesus” and “The Wake” artist Sean Murphy and colorist Matt Hollingsworth (“Hawkeye”, “The Wake”) for a new ongoing series from Image, “Tokyo Ghost”.

“Tokyo Ghost” revolves around a Los Angeles that’s too fucked up to be called post-apocalyptic. The fractured city is filled with manic consumers fighting and deceiving each other to get their fix of escapism, anyway to stop thinking about their horrible lives, which they receive from an entertainment industry run entirely by criminals.

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Three New Geof Darrow Collections on the Way, All of Them Awesome

by Matthew Meylikhov

The work of comic artist Geof Darrow has long been unattainable for those who missed the initial band wagon. With his original run of “Shaolin Cowboy” self-published with the Wachowskis never collected and most of his famous books out of print or only available overseas, at most all you get for being a fan of Geof Darrow is a variant cover here or there and last year’s “Shaolin Cowboy” mini, featuring four straight issues of zombie murder mayhem.

Well, as revealed over at Comic Book Resources, today is a pretty big day for fans of Geof Darrow.

First off, in celebration of the return of Big Guy and Rusty in the pages of “Dark Horse Presents’” upcoming relaunch, Dark Horse will be releasing a new Gallery Edition of “Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot,” which isn’t quite defined (I would assume it is oversized with big, wonderful, juicy pages) but never the less exciting. The prospect of new “Big Guy” stories was fine in its own right, but a giant version of the original already over-sized comic? That I could get down with easily. The original run is also being re-colored by Dave Stewart according to Darrow, who was unhappy with the original release.

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IDW Announces “Orphan Black” Comic For 2015

by David Henderson

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this here before, but… I LOVE ORPHAN BLACK. As a show that’s a contemporary sci-fi looking at the ethics of scientific discovery in the 21st Century and the morality of cloning, I think it has some fantastic things to say. As a drama that explores the connections of formed family and being able to choose the ones you love and fighting to protect them, I think it is one of the most compelling on television. As a showcase for one woman’s extraordinary acting ability, I think it’s unparalleled.

Which is why I am so incredibly pumped to bring the news that IDW has the announced that they will be publishing a comic based on the show. Not much is known about the comic in that all we have is the cover and a release date of next year, but it’s a start.

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Art Of The Week: Week Of 07/23/2014

by David Henderson

So, this happened. For those of you who didn’t pay attention to news in comic world, ‘this’ refers to the story that the upcoming “Thor” series by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman will feature a new female character by the name of Thor who wields Mjolnir.

And you know what?

I couldn’t be more for it. I think Jason Aaron is at his best at Marvel when he is unconstrained by editorial. It’s like looking at the difference between ‘Godbomb’ and the Malekith arc. I’m certainly hoping this new series will be more like the former than the later. The above piece of the new Thor is by the ever great Chris Samnee, as if you’d need me to tell you that.

Everything else I thought was cool from the last week, including Russell Dauterman’s design for the Unworthy Thor, is down below for you to enjoy.

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