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Guardians of the Galaxy Original Art auctions to benefit Bill Mantlo ending today!

Just hours remain in our Bill Mantlo support fund auctions! Bid on some original art from artists like Tradd Moore, Rafael Albuquerque, Declan Shalvey, Jenny Frison and more, and all proceeds will go to support Rocket Raccoon’s creator Bill Mantlo!

Boost the signal and help us raise more money for Bill!

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Saturday Morning Panels (Week of 9/17/14)

Hello, and welcome to Saturday Morning Panels! It’s a very simple concept: since none of us are up to watching Saturday morning cartoons anymore, we are instead going to share with you our favorite panels from the week before. It’s a bit like Comics Should Be Cheap, except with more pictures and less reading.

And, of course, spoilers are probably abundant.

We encourage you to play along at home and let us know what your favorite moments of the week were in the comment section!

In the meantime, our picks.

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 9/17/14

There is a lot to cover on Wednesdays. We should know, as collectively, we read an insane amount of comics. Even with a large review staff, it’s hard to get to everything. With that in mind, we’re back with Wrapping Wednesday, where we look at some of the books we missed in what was another great week of comics.

Let’s get this party started.

Supergirl Heading to CBS for New TV Show

by Matthew Meylikhov

Because there aren’t enough DC-based television programs about to premiere or on the way, today the rumored Supergirl program was given its semi-greenlight as Deadline announced CBS has committed to the new series.

Helmed by Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler, the show was apparently very quickly snatched up after being brought to broadcast networks on Wednesday, and according to Deadline the commitment for Supergirl is greater than that of Fox’s commitment to Gotham. While there is of course no real details on the show available, it is noted that the series will feature Kara Zor-El at 24, already beginning to use her powers (unlike Smallville, which featured Clark discovering his abilities slowly), and that Geoff Johns will have a hand in the production as DC’s chief creative officer. Berlanti is also involved with CW’s Arrow and Flash programs, so that perhaps is a good sign for fans of those shows, whereas Adler had previously worked on the superhuman-styled No Ordinary Family.

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“Rasputin” #1 is as Cold as Ice, and Willing to Sacrifice [Advance Review]

by Sam LeBas

This book is frozen. I don’t mean in a “ballad on the mountaintop,” “winter wonderland” kind of way. Let’s face it, Olaf would never stand a chance in Siberia. No, this book is a kind of frozen that I have never before experienced. It is solid and cold in a way that only ice can be. Still, quiet and pristine, “Rasputin” #1 shows us the power of a winter storm in the heart.

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The Gods Give Rock and Roll to Us in “The Wicked + The Divine” #4 [Review]

by Stephenson Ardern-Sodje

Lucifer has just become the most famous convicted murderer of the modern age, and the rest of the gods are furious. It seems as though, for all their celebrity status, not all publicity is good publicity. But Luci still claims that she’s being framed, and Laura – her starstruck protégé – is too enamoured to doubt the word of the Prince(ss) of Lies. She’s determined to discover the identity of the true deific killer, even if she has to confront the entire pantheon to do it.

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The Goners Aren’t Goners… Yet! An Advance Look at “Goners” #1 & #2 [Review]

by Cassandra Clarke

Unlike other titles on Image’s run this year, “Goners” debuts in October with revelry and chilling YA fun. Distinguishing itself from the rest of Image’s world-ending pack, “Goners” offers a lightness to the post-apocalyptic genre that’s been missing for some time. Join us as we take a spoiler-free advance look at the upcoming book.

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Universes Meet and Superheroes Like Each Other (Gasp!) in “All New X-Men” #32 [Review]

by Matt Dodge 

Universes cross over, and new superhero friendships are formed in a fun, stereotype-breaking issue of “All New X-Men”.

When the Ultimate Universe was first introduced 14 years ago, Marvel tried to strike a balance between appeasing old school fans and appealing to new readers. They promised that the two worlds would never cross over, and keep the new French hating Captain America and the rest of the Ultimates away from their classic 616 counterparts. Of course sales will eventually trump almost any editorial mandate, and three years ago the OG Peter Parker and the awesome Miles Morales finally met in “Spider-Men,” opening the door to even more universe jumping. Now the original X-Men are getting involved, and lead to another appearance of Ultimate Spider-Man alongside 616 characters in “All New X-Men” #32.

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