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We are excited to announce that the party has changed venues. We are now going right around the corner to Stitch Bar & Lounge, which is located at 247 W. 37th Street (literally in the same area as our previous venue)! We realize this may be strange, but we promise it’s good news. Why? Because we’re going to be at a BIGGER VENUE! That means more of you can come and have a good time! RSVP today.

In addition to the line-up of guests presented on our flier, we’re also pleased to announce that Kurtis Wiebe and Duffy Boudreau are now joining us as well, in addition to the recent additions of Greg Rucka, Brandon Seifert, David Messina, Antony Johnston and Joe Harris. What a stellar line-up, right? How can you miss out on this? You can’t!!

Read all about Multiversity’s presence at the con here. We are so terribly excited to see you.

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