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In Case You Missed It! - A Round-Up of all the news from August 13th-15th, 2011

  1. Artist August: Natalie Nourigat (Interview): as part of our Artist August feature, here’s a chat with Periscope Studios artist Tally Nourigat!
  2. Artist August: Natalie Nourigat (Art Feature): Now, check out her art. This is amazing stuff. Appreciate her
  3. The Weekend Week in Review (8/13/2011): Walt gives you the skinny on some of the books you might have missed last week with a healthy dose of vitamin snark.
  4. Artist August: Ryan Browne (Interview): We talk to the popular web cartoonist for Artist August! For fans of God Hates Astronauts, Blast Furnace, or web comics in general!
  5. Matthew’s Got You Covered!: Matt tells YOU what the best covers were. Yeah, YOU.
  6. Artist August: Ryan Browne (Art Feature): You read the interview, now check out the art he does
  7. Previously on…Artist August: Here’s a recap of the artists we’ve spoken to over the past week. Check it out, you know you want to.
  8. Artist August: Eric Powell (Interview): We talk to Goon creator Eric Powell as part of Artist August, and if you’re a fan of the book, you should read this.
  9. 4 Color News & Brews: A Look Back on Snyder, Jock, and Fracavilla’s Detective Comics Run: David and Brandon are back (again) with 4 Color, our weekly video podcast, and they talk about the celebrated Dick-As-Batman run in ‘Tec. Watch it!
  10. 4 Color News & Brews: The Kirby Special: This is the news and reviews portion, where they discuss books from the past two weeks. Watch this too!
  11. The DC Fifty-Too and You (If You’re An Awesome Indie Creator!): LISTEN, if you’re an indie creator who happens to be reading this, you’ll love this. Check it out, and submit!
  12. Artist August: Francis Manapul (Art Feature): The Man, The Myth, the Legend: Francis Manapul. Check out his art above, and then check out more in the link!
  13. James Asmus To Take Over Generation Hope With #13: And the teaser…ohmygah. What is HE doing leading the crew?
  14. Check Out Grant Morrison on NPR’s “All Things Considered”: You love the scribe, now check him out in an NPR interview to discuss his book Supergods!

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