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“Some Haters Have Machine Guns”: The Wicked and the Divine Creative Team Release Teaser Comic

by James Johnston

In an effort to spread awareness of their series like a viral agent in the blogosphere’s bloodstream, the creative team of the upcoming “The Wicked + the Divine” (Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, and Matt Wilson) have released this teaser comic on the official #WicDiv website. Get your first look at the series later on in the pages of the June Previews, on the #WicDiv blog, or below.

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Gods, Pop, the Wicked and the Divine with Kieron Gillen [Interview]

by Matthew Meylikhov

In addition to our extended interview about the end of “Young Avengers”, the 90-minute interview session continued as we talked all about his new book with Jamie, “The Wicked and the Divine.”Announced at Image Expo, the book finds the gods of old returning in new human forms to be worshipped like pop stars, and we follow Laura, who is a fan of the gods and their spectacle.

Read on as we talk about the book, its impetus, the collaboration between Jamie and Kieron and more.

Alright, let’s talk about your new book with Jamie, “The Wicked and The Divine.” In the first interview you did for the series on Comics Alliance, you mentioned you’re still having a bit of trouble explaining it to people (because it was the first interview). Is it probably a fair guess that you can explain the book a little bit better now, specifically to me, here?

KG: Oh, no, this is the second interview! [Laughs] The second one which was longer than five minutes, anyway. It’s one of those things, I was aware that when I was getting on stage — is the video up of that yet?

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Saying Goodbye to the Young Avengers with Kieron Gillen [Interview]

by Matthew Meylikhov

Launched after “Journey into Mystery,” Marvel saw fit to team up Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen for a new volume of “Young Avengers.” The first follow-up to use the characters in their own book after Heinberg and Cheung’s epic story with them finally concluded, the book displayed a different side of the characters as they were all forced to grow up as the Mother parasite attack, relationships blossomed and crumbled and the world was saved in a way that the adult heroes never could. And now, after a year, the book has come to an end; with the season wrapped and both Jamie and Kieron agreeing that it is time to move on, Kieron was kind enough to sit down with us for an exit interview on the series.

Read on as Kieron talks frankly about the book, its success, its failures, its relationship with the fans, “Journey into Mystery” and more (and be sure to come back soon for the second part of our chat with Kieron about his and Jamie’s new book, “The Wicked and the Divine.”)

So my first question is, how are you doing? How are comics treating you today?

Kieron Gillen: OK. What’s happened this morning? Well, I finished a script, so, productive, which is always a good thing for a Friday. The year so far has been pretty damn good. I was quite down last year but this year I’m quite up again, at least so far. The Image Expo of actually put a smile on a face. It’s essentially going to a place with so many exciting new projects and so many you people dig, and you’re just generally hanging out. So we stayed a couple of extra days and basically just spent some time with the Image folk who we’ve been friends with for years. So, yeah, I’m probably as energized as I ever am, which is not very much because I’m basically an Englishman who runs on business and despair as is our natural wont. How are you?

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Saturday Morning Panels (Week of 1/8/14)

by the Multiversity Staff

Hello, and welcome to Saturday Morning Panels, your new favorite Multiversity column! It’s a very simple concept: since none of us are up to watching Saturday morning cartoons anymore, we are instead going to share with you our favorite panels from the week before. It’s a bit like Comics Should Be Cheap, except with more pictures and less reading.

And, of course, spoilers are probably abundant.

We encourage you to play along at home and let us know what your favorite moments of the week were in the comment section! In the meantime, our picks…

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Review: Young Avengers #15

by James Johnston

2013 is gone, dead and buried in a cemetery filled with Vine, doge memes, and everything else that made that year what it was. But before we can let go and move on to the new year, we must look back and say goodbye to one of 2013′s coolest, most stylish, and innovative titles: “Young Avengers.” Read our review below. Mild spoilers ahead!

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Review: “Young Avengers” #12

Review by James Johnston

It was a dark day when Kieron Gillen announced that “Young Avengers” would be ending. Tears were shed, tables were flipped, and my Tumblr dashboard has been a terrified cry for help ever since. And though the pains are still felt, they’re accepted since a concrete endpoint means Gillen and McKelvie will get to tell the one story they want, and “Young Avengers” #12 is the beginning of the end for Marvel’s most fabulous book.

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