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The DC3kly Presents: “Batman Eternal,” Week 12 – Batman Eternal #11-12

by Vince Ostrowski

On the Cover: A Guillem March & Tomeu Morey cover depicting Batgirl quite literally tangled up in battle with Scorpiana.

How is the Story Progressing?:

The two weeklies seem to be sticking to a rough 3-plotline-per-issue standard. That’s not entirely true here, as this issue is bookended by a 4th setting involving Catwoman at the grave of her fence, Lola. This part is more of a tone-setter than anything that moves the plot forward, but it’s a strong one.

Batgirl shows up in Rio De Janeiro this issue, on the hunt for Gonzolo Dominguez – a Brazilian soap opera star who she pegged at the scene of the train crash in Gotham that eventually put her Jim Gordon on trial. As the cover teased, she takes on Scopiana of the Club of Villains, who also wants Dominguez for some “unfinished business.” Seems that he was only indirectly involved in the train crash – being the victim of some sort of gruesome plastic surgery-induced identity theft. This sequence is all the right kind of nuts, incorporating the camp of the telenovella world with the unique flavor of Bertram’s art (more on that later). It’s all very playful, with a scenery chewing villain in Scorpiana, to boot. Seeley makes time for a little bit of character work before its all over, alluding to Barbara’s obsession with clearing her father’s name.

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